Key Points:
Competition has a place in schools and society, but long term success and happiness are built on skills of collaboration.

Contests in the classroom:
Attention moves from tasks to outcome.
Values moves from learning to speed, effeciency and performance.
Motivation moves from intrinsic to extrinsic
Emotions move from calm to anxiety/fear.
Group dynamics move from valuing peers as individuals to valuing peers for their skills/performance
Group Decision making from diverse perspectives to conformity.
Character from integrity to willingness to compromise.

Our thoughts and language determine how we view competition (metaphor)
A contest may or may not lead to competition...
Do you see competition as a battle? or a partnership?

Schools must teach competition- Students can learn how to compete in a postive way in order to be successful.
Competition is an advanced form of collaboration.

Make Competition Constructive in the Classroom:
Clear boundaries
Clear criteria for winning
Clear rules
Even sides
Importnace of winning is low
Task is simple- over learned
Short duration
Thoughts on competition in there a place for it and why or why not?
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