Dr. Hal Urban
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Lessons from the Classroom
What do students remember?
1. The capital of Nigeria?
2. The population of India?
3. The youngest president?

What are the 5 things you remember the most from being a student in class?
"I remember ..."
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5 Things his students remembered: (surveyed students from 1960's -2000's)
1. "I felt welcomed, that I counted and everyone was polite"
2. "I remembered always to say something good"
3. "I remember to celebrate today- every day"
4. "I remember that I make important choices every day of my life"
5. "I remember the difference between a wish and a goal"

"What you accept- you teach"
If you do not deal with behavior- you teach that it is OK
"What you permit- you promote"

Stephen Covey- Act or be acted upon- be proactive!
"Always think win-win" Mutual respect in the classroom- Make expectations known

Good Teachers Create a Caring Community
"Kids need caring attachments to adults and each other"
Do parents and teachers fall short in getting kids to care about each other?

The Cheers concept- "You want to go where everyone knows your name and they are always glad you came"
every school should play this theme song!

Goal setting
New family meetings
Kid meetings
Customized plans
What other things should we be doing to make that theme song ours?

Students choosing the atmosphere
Nourishment or Toxic?

"What do you NOT want to hear?"

put downs

"What do you WANT to hear?"

Thirsting for knowledge

How do you make your toxic comments nourishing?
oh no- to oh boy!

Every good teacher starts day with a positive
Nourishing the atmosphere
1. Share good news
2. I'm thankful for...
3. Kind words
4. Funny things

Good teachers help their students discover the power of choice

Difference between a wish and a goal...
"What are ten things you would like to achieve in your lifetime?"
Which one is most important?
"Goals focus oour attention- the magic happens when we set goals"

Good teachers help their students set lifetime goals

3 Closing qoutes:

Character education is bringing oout the best in kids
-Dr. Hal Urbaqn

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all

Education at its best should explained the mind and build character
-Margaret Spelling